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Welcoming Spring! 🌸 Tips for Storing Seasonal Items Neatly

Here in Boston, it is tricky to know whether or not it's safe to put away your seasonal items for Spring and Summer. In my 20+ years of living in Boston, I've only experienced what I like to describe as Spring weather a handful of times. However, by the time May rolls around, I can pretty much store my Winter gear safely without the threat of a Nor'easter.

The first step in storing any seasonal items away is to make sure they are going into storage clean. Dirt and sweat and skin cells (I know that's gross to talk about, but let's be real here) can attract pests such as moths, carpet beetles and even crickets and roaches. You'll use fewer pesticides and make your deterrents such as cedar more effective.

Next is to choose a nice container to store them in. I like these fabric boxes from Reisenthel. They store flat when not in use and they look attractive on closet shelves. I purchased these from The Container Store and this pattern is no longer available from the Container Store, but a solid black color is available to purchase on Amazon. The fold flat when they are not in use.

When you store your items inside, be sure to take the time to fold them and add them neatly inside the box. I know it's tempting to just stuff them in there, but if you take the extra few minutes to make sure they are in there neatly so you can see them all, you'll be so relieved and less overwhelmed when you take them out in Wintertime.

Folded Neatly! (Bonus for File Folding Method!)

Add a deterrent if you want: You can add a cedar plank or cedar balls to deter pests away from natural fabrics such as wool and cotton. Cedar is only effective if you can smell it! Below are some of my favorite products to protect clothing! Moth sachets filled with herbs work well also, but they will need to be replaced.

Now you can enjoy your summer! Do you put away your items seasonally? Let me know!

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