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{Your Virtual Organizing Coach}

for Do-It-Almost-Yourselfers!

You can benefit from the expertise of a professional organizer no matter where you live! Virtual Organizing is a great (almost) DIY option for those who don't live in the area of a professional organizer, those with small projects or trying to get organized on a budget. With the technology of smartphones, Skype™, and FaceTime, you can hire Kay to help you get organized and be your virtual organization coach!


How it works:


If you have an area of your home that needs organizational magic but you don't know what to do, I can help you virtually as if I were with you with video chat technology.


  • Purchase a package that's right for you! We will set up a time and day for our organizing session

  • During our 30-minute video chat consultation, you'll show me your space and we will talk about what's working for you and what's not working for you.

  • I'll come up with an action plan for you, timeline, diagram and/or product recommendations.

  • Email support will be included during your project period. 

  • At the end of your project, we'll chat for an additional 15-minute follow-up and I'll provide any extra advice and motivation you need. 

Appointments become available in May! 

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